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Google Posts – The A-Z Guide to Marketing your Local Business

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Last week, Google released an experimental feature called Google Posts, which is integrated into their Google My Business service and, more importantly, into Local Search. If you don’t yet know what Google My Business and Google Local Search are and how they can benefit your local business then make sure to read our Step by Step Guide to Google Local Search. …


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Bryan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for cutting-edge technology, business intelligence and the world of online businesses.

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Increase Your Small Business Revenue by 300% With Google Local Search

In Local Search, Reputation Management by Mark O'Neill0 Comments

Search engine exposure is very important if you are trying to gain the loyalty of the customers in your local neighborhood. Think about it for a moment – how many restaurants are in your area? How many bookshops? How many hotels? Quite likely, you’re not in a unique niche, so you need something to make yourself noticed. This is where Google Local Search comes in to save the day.


About Mark O'Neill

Mark O'Neill has been in journalism and writing since 1989. He started his career working with local newspapers and went on to become a freelance writer, having written for various well-known online and offline publishers, including magazines such as PC World, Home Business, Time and others. Mark joined the Optimum Feedback team in 2016 and is in charge of our content marketing.